Winter Glow Gathering on Saturday 2nd March 2024

Event details

Date: Saturday 2nd March 2024

Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm

Location: Chapel Room, Misterton, DN10 4BU

Price: £3 per adult/£1 per child entry includes a serving of warming soup kindly provided by Chalet Girl Catering. Any profits made to be donated to a local food bank.

The start of the year often brings with it the feeling of winter blues. With the warming glow of Christmas spirit becoming a distant memory, twinkly lights and festive garlands are back in boxes stored in the attic. At Brightgreen Spinal Health, we have been thinking about what can be done to avoid the plunge into dreary-dom! How about a brand new annual festival and community celebration to banish the dreaded winter blues?

Our concept started with ideas such as ‘Beat the Post-Christmas Dreary Take Down of the Chrimbo Decorations, in the Darkest Month of the Year Festival’. Or perhaps the snappier ‘Mid-Winter Brighten Ourselves Up Festival’! But we settled on Winter Glow Gathering, more details of which below…

You may have seen our colourful lights both inside and outside the practice recently, no they aren’t Christmas decorations we forgot to take down! On the twelfth day of Christmas, instead of taking the decorations down and putting it all away in boxes, shoving the tree outside, or back in its box, and thinking to ourselves, “ooh, doesn’t the house look bare now”, we’re putting up colourful lights, and encouraging you to join us – think bright colours of yellows, purples, greens and more!

As part of our Winter Glow Gathering, we want to help inspire others to connect with their community, make nourishing meals and share the recipes with neighbours, get outdoors and into nature, shop local and make the most of local shops, greengrocers and butchers.

Ahead of the Winter Glow Gathering on and Saturday 2nd March 2024, we’re focusing on self care, connecting with the local community and preparing to welcome the first buds of Spring. We have set up a Facebook event page, so we can all share inspiration, swap ideas, recipes relevant to the time of year like stews, carrot cakes, maybe even beetroot brownies.

We’ve put together a fun checklist of things to do to in order to connect with the community, take care of ourselves and prepare to welcome Spring. Check them out here:

Checklist for Winter Glow Gathering

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 2nd March for fun, games and music from Ukulele band, Dukeries Ukeries! The day is aimed at being low in cost but high in connection with community at the core. Any profits made will be donated to a local food bank.

So, how can you show up? Simply bring yourself, or perhaps bring along a friend or family member who needs cheering up! Why not wear your favourite hat on Saturday 2nd March? Or dust off a hat that tells a story!

So come along on Saturday 2nd March to the Chapel Room in Misterton and say no to the tradition of plunging our homes into darkness and dreariness and have more of that Christmas cheer through to the first buds of spring!