How much sugar are we getting in our diets?

Answer: Way too much!👈

It’s widely accepted that lots of sugar is not healthy…We encourage you to check the ingredients when you’re on your next shop. There’s a lot of it, often in places you may not expect to find it!


AND, ‘they’ use a lot of other names for it, perhaps to confuse us?…

Agave, Crystalline fructose, Maltose, Fruit juice concentrate, Invert sugar, to name a few, of many.

It’s not that sugar is there, after all, it makes stuff taste great. Its more about how much there is! And, why!


Chiropractors study nutrition, from the organic chemistry of it to the physiological effects of it.

💚Ask us about it when you’re next in for a check up…we’d love to bore you all about it ☺️

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