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Here at Brightgreen Spinal Health our dynamic team of chiropractors, osteomyologists, massage therapists and centre assistants are passionate about promoting a Healthy, Vibrant Life!

And where better to start than with a healthy spine! Not just for keeping us upright, our spine houses our spinal cord, the extension of the brain which communicates to and from the rest of the body. Keeping our nervous system flowing optimally, by enabling all our joints to move freely is our goal! Our intention is to help you get from pain to a lack of pain! AND to keep you there! To help prevent pain returning by keeping you moving well!
Our expertise is in providing pain relief for many musculoskeletal conditions, issues with lost or reduced joint movement (predominantly found to be the cause of a musculoskeletal issue), which often leads to over, and under, working muscles, their tendons and the ligaments (strains and sprains, usually found to be the symptoms of the issue).
Common presenting symptoms include:
– back pain
– neck pain
– sciatica
– headaches (including migraines)
We love to see you achieving your health goals with a renewed sense of well-being and we want you to feel great and lead a vibrant life!


Why Choose Brightgreen Spinal Health?

We pride ourselves in being a reputable and forward thinking centre of excellence that puts wellbeing and a holistic approach to care at the core of what we do.

Pain Relief

We understand that many people are looking for an explanation for their discomfort or pain or to improve their health outcomes.  We aim to listen carefully to you and what your needs are and together we will plan a way forward.

Registered Chiropractors

The title of ‘chiropractor’; is protected by law; our chiropractors have therefore undertaken a 4/5-year, full-time degree and rigorous training to become a chiropractor.

Multi-disciplinary Team

We are a small team with a big vision to reach out and help you, our community, thrive. We aim to expand our team and our vision year on year to ensure we can always serve you better.


Where possible, we aim to work alongside other healthcare providers to give you access to the most attentive and comprehensive care with a holistic edge.


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